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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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live with the latest on the investigation. darcy what are we learning tonight? >> reporter: erica, i can tell you a lot of shots were fired out here this afternoon. take a look right here behind me, we are on east how el avenue, you can see a police car continues to block this street. a couple of other streets are also blocked as police continue their investigation. now, just two blocks away where there was that congressional baseball practice shooting and many today were telling me, not, again. photos show the aftermath, shooting victims being bandaged and treated for their wounds, a car smashed with what appear to be bullet holes in the windshield. gunshots rang out in the middle of the afternoon in this dell ray neighborhood in alexandria. this teen was home when he heard the shots. >> reporter: what did you hear? >> i was inside, and then i
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bang. first i thought it was like construction or something. then i heard the car actually crashed. >> i got a text from him saying, there are shots fired on our street. >> reporter: this is the car that crashed. it was pulled on to a flat bed and towed away. they're expected to be okay. the gunman is still on the loose. >> this is crazy and this is not dell ray. >> for many the shots were a painful reminder for what happened here just a couple of blocks away when a gunman opened fire last month at a gop congressional baseball practice, shot a member of congress and three others. >> we weren't even involved, but it's traumatic, you know, just to see it happen in your neighborhood, to know it happens to somebody, to know that the world is so divisive that it comes to this, that guns are so readily available, but this happens every day and it's just -- it's just awful. >> now, that's what people were saying in the neirh
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emotional. alex an dei alexandr alexandria, police tell me they have had homicides here. no one died. three people were wounded. that gunman remains on the loose. we'll send it back to you. >> darcy, thank you. storm team 4 radar showing a whole lot of rain that's rolling into our region. it's going to be here for a long time, folks. >> amelia draper is in the storm center. you're calling tomorrow weather alert day. >> exactly. it will be storm team 4 weather alert day with heavy rain in the fla forecast. >> the heaviest rain will fall saturday night. if you have outdoor plans, time to make indoor plans and say you have something planned on saturday, outdoor birthday party, really want to start thinking about a plan b, showers are at times throughout the day on saturday. here is the latest right now on storm team 4, you can see in the immediate area completely dry, some storms out around the
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for most of us mainly dry tonight. small chance for isolated shower or thunderstorm. it's this system that's going to kind of reinvigorate and start to develop and bring rain to our area, they've issued a flash flood watch from 2:00 until saturday at 2:00 in the afternoon and everybody is under that flash flood watch. we're talking about 1 to 3 inches of rain, potentially, falling in some areas could seek higher amounts. 85 degrees right now. this is your evening planner. we'll fall into the low 80s and at 79 by 7:00. i'm going to have more on the timing when the rain moves in to your neighborhood coming up in a little bit. >> amelia, thank you. it's the response you would hope to see from your own kids to trust their gut when a stranger tries to lure them in. one young girl in leesburg did just that, and tonight her fightening encountering is inspiring other parents to have an intenti
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conversation. >> really smart kid. and she kind of knew it wasn't right right away. i don't think my mom told me to get me in. she kept going. the woman followed her all the way down to the next block and that turned down the street after her. >> northern virginia reporter david is live on the drive, david, this seemed to really catch this community by surprise. >> and you can understand, jim, when you look around and you see this community. it's beautiful kind of picture perfect, you've got the lush yards and green trees. and neighbors here they feel uneasy given initially that they use to feel pretty safe. given what happened here tuesday night. it actually happened here in this intersection, this is where it started. it's got neighbors realizing that crime really has no boundaries. >> one of her first times riding alone, do you remember that taste of summer freedom. for an eight-year-old leesburg girl it was marked by a really scarey encounter, her
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facing name where keeping friday describes her little girl. >> sassy strong headed girl. i think she was more less freaked out or panicked. i want to tell you that i did the right thing. >> doing the right thing, that may have very well saved her from, who knows. we'll take you back to tuesday afternoon, as the young girl was riding up immediate drimead dri. the woman driving got her attention. told her, that she should get in the car, that her mom was in the hospital and that she needed to take her there. that little girl, she knew better. she continued on. she continued on toward her home. but the car it kept following her. >> it wasn't until she neared her house did the woman finally drive off. the girl made it home with a detailed description. a white or gray four door sedan, she noted. as far as the woman was concerned, she got a good look. she said the woman had medium complexion. she was in her early to
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she had straight brown hair and blue or green eyes. kristina immediately sat her own kids down, a teaching moment. >> you know, only having certain neighbors that they know and trust to be able to get in the car with and just knowing when to say absolutely not, i don't know you. walked away. >> a parent's nightmare that this mom can't yet shake. >> you know what, i haven't yet. i haven't yet. >> a lot of the folks in the this community are learning about this through the facebook page and the post that have been going out already. you can go to my facebook what nbc washington posted that should give you that description should you want to help spread that word. it's the latest live here in leesburg, david, news 4. >> there are american heroes and we salute them. [ applause ] >> developing right now at 5:00, president trump honoring first responders for their bravery during the congressional baseball practice shooting. the heroes received
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safety medal of valor. chris lawrence is in the newsroom with more on the white house ceremony. chris. >> these are the men and women who put their lives on the line and had to make split-second decisions to protect the people on that baseball field. >> despite being shot, special agent griner placed herself in mortal danger to save the lives of members of congress. >> the president recognized crystal griner for her compose sure, bravery. she and special agent david bailey received the medal of valor along with three alexandria police officers. the agents were assigned to protect representative steve scalise were there on the field when the shooting started. alexandria officers arrived within minutes, alex fired back with the shooter down. >> great people. congratulations to all of you. we are forever
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>> representatives scalise has gone through several surgeries. just yesterday doctors released him from med star hospital. he's starting an inpatient rehabilitation program. erica. >> we'll stay on this story for a bit this afternoon. this afternoon senate passed a bill to expand the u.s. capitol policeman memorial fund to include payments to officers seriously injured. the fund only helps families of officers who were killed in the line of duty. in an emotional speech, arizona senator jeff flakes said that he probably wouldn't have -- he probably would have been killed if it weren't from the action special agents. flake was on the field during the shooting. the bill now goes to the president's desk. >> right now the senate is in the middle of a vote arama they're quickly offering up and then voting on many health care bill amendments as they like. the va pid fire voting session is
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the night, maybe even into tomorrow morning. it comes as republicans lower their expectations for repealing and replacing obama care. gop leadership has been unable to unit the party behind one bill. the repeal and replace and repeal only option didn't get in the votes. the senates next option is the so-called skinny repeal. it rolls back small parts of the health care law, including an obama care mandate that individuals buy insurance or pay a penalty. then large businesses provide insurance. it also erases a tax which companies pay when they sell medical devices. even if it passes the bill falls short, many republicans ran on to repeal and replace obama care. >> we're following new developments from ohio after that deadly accident involving a ride at the state fair, what we're learning tonight about the young man killed when the ride broke apart in midair. also
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trump's tweets on transgender people in the military is putting a spotlight. carol maloney, live in richmond where she is talking both business and babies with quarterback kirk cousins.
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a ask. all branches of military receive the messaged today from the joint chiefs of staff that nothing changes until the president issues an actual order. his tweet simplies are enough. he says every member of the military should be treated with "dignity and respect for their service." chelsea manning posted a photo of her outside the white house when she refers to as the "new ground zero of the war on trans people" manning is a transgender woman and former soldier known as bradley manning. she was released from prison in may after serving seven years for disclosing secret military documents to wiki leaks. while in prison she demanded and received hormonal replacement therapy. ut
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election. for the first time there will be a transgender candidate on the ballot. news 4 chris gordon has a closer look with how they're impacting the campaign in that race. >> republican bob marshall supports president trump. marshall is seeking re-election, having served 26 years in the virginia house of delegates representing parts of prince william county. he agrees with the president's tweets proposing a ban on transgender people serving in the military. >> given the circumstance of what is there, needing operations, taking ten years of chemical treatment to change -- allegedly change from one sex to the other, being out of commission for nine months if you have to get an operation to do this to satisfy your desires. it is not combatble but the fighting function of the united states military. >> marshall's challenger is democrat. she's the first transgender virginiian to run for the state legislature. she says president tr
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receiving a flood of contributions. >> yesterday we received 86 donations totaling $52,111 from donations that came in locally, that came in from within the 13th district and came from across the country. and we attribute that to people wanting to make a statement that they are opposed to what the president announced yesterday regarding transgender discrimination. >> this election to represent district 13 in the virginia house of delegates has until now been hyper local. but as quickly -- but is quickly gaining national attention. reporting from prince william county, prince gordon, news 4. >> well, the world's richest man is one of our neighbors, amazon's ceo jeff woke up today as the wealthiest person on the planet. he owns this home in northwest washington, a recent
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amazon stocked pushed his stock to more than $90 billion for the first time. that makes him a hair richer than microsoft's ceo bill gates. based on their company stock performs, the two will likely volley back and forth between richest and second richest. but analysts believe bazos will eventually take the top spot for good. they predict it will be the world's first trillion dollars company. if you want to work for amazon, we're working for you with news of a job fare. the company wants to hire 50,000 full and part time workers. the first ever amazons job day happens next wednesday with centers all over the country. the closest location is the warehouse up in baltimore while this is good news for job hunters, it's bad sign for traditional retailers. they estimate for each amazon warehouse hire, as many as five retail workers could lose their jobs.
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practice, the team working on the field and we are working for you, getting quarterback kirk cousins on day one. news 4's carol maloney joins us, sitting down with him to teach the man on how to change diapers and by the look of things, the man needs some more work. >> yeah, he's definitely going to work on his off days here at training camp. here at day one, he was all smiles, this after all of the talk of him playing on successive one year deals. and today he told me why he embraces it. >> i'm on a one-year contract, so i don't feel like i've arrived. i don't feel safe or entitled. i feel like i need to provide return on investment for this team. >> are you prepared to change a diaper? do you know how to do it? >> she's told me i'm doing to have to. >> getting caught doing something helpful.
5:18 pm
that's an twol newborn diaper. >> this is the real thing. >> reporter: have you ever done it before? >> i've done it before. it's been a while. i have done it before. i have some friends. >> reporter: you know how to do it. >> they're not going to have clothes on, but for the point of exercise we're going to leave this on. >> reporter: i'm pretty -- i can't flip them over on their stomach right this. right now that feels more effective. i'm not sure how this is going to fasten, honestly, i don't know, it looks right but i'm holding it in place. i've got some work to do. >> who just popped in the tent, senior vp of player personnel. doug williams. and he just handed me this bag and it means so much to us, by the way. i know worked on getting this done. look at this, it's -- it's a game jersey,
5:19 pm
jersey, vance and the number 4. >> yeah, you know, you just wish that you can hand it to him in person, you know. when i got the bad news, i looked at my phone and i text him on july 4th wishing him a great day. he text me back, you too, my brother. just tough. you know, when you lose somebody like vance and i can imagine what it's like at the station because i've been following him. but not on the station, in this area. unbelievable. >> reporter: that just happened moments ago. hundreds of people, not just doug williams, but media, members, fans, the folks from richmond, everyone has been talking about vance today. i know there were so much more of the kirk cousins interview and what doug williams will have to say, we'll have it for you on the nbc washington app. >> what a toug
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there. we'll have to find a special place for that here, wow. >> i was not ready for that one. >> thank you so much, carol, we'll see you at 6:00. switching gears, it's a first ever kind of surgery, coming up how doctors were able to operate on a baby inside the wound to save its life. >> and storm team 4 tracking a whole lot of rain coming out of the way, will the weekend be a sh out.wa
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mainly tomorrow during the midday and afternoon hours. but the heaviest rain falls friday night on into saturday morning. take a look at storm team 4, radar right now. we're tracking rain across the area. thunderstorms traveling right along route 66 starting to move into parts of the county. the evening looking mainly dry and that's moving on into the county moving slowly only at towards the east. tomorrow night keeping a close eye on that. we're keeping you updated on wtop radio. now, take a look, the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch, this is
5:24 pm
this begins tomorrow at 2:00 in the afternoon. it's going to run into your saturday afternoon inspiring at 2:00 p.m. we'll see anywhere from about 1 to 3 inches, isolated higher amounts, that will cause some flash flooding across here. here is what you can expect. as i just said, the heaviest rain friday during the evening hours on into saturday morning, you want to avoid travel during that time period, will pick up to one to three inches checking the latest flash flood guidance, most of us should be okay accept for the district. we saw a lot of rain last weekend. make sure that you check -- make sure storm drains in the neighborhood are clean and clear and turn around, don't ever drive through flooded roadway. as we look to tomorrow, high temperature of 82 degrees. this system brings a lot of rain, but has massive impact on temperatures. more on that. >> hey. >> amelia. absolutely correct. we're going to be seeing
5:25 pm
drastic change in these temperatures. as we head through friday. we're in the low 80s. by saturday, we're talking a high of 72 degrees. normal low for this time of year is 71. we'll peak around where we should be when we're talking lows. we've got the north wind coming in, a lot of cloud cover and that rain helping to keep us cool on saturday. now, as we move into sunday, we begin the rebound. we head to the low 80s still not near average for this time of year, we should be around 88 degrees. we'll continue to climb up as we head through the top of the week. over all, it's not the wet weather you'll be dealing with. you'll notice, it feels a lot cooler out here. amelia, back to you. >> walk you through your hourly forecast for tomorrow, showers are starting to move in at the lunchtime, maybe few showers, it should be okay. it's during the afternoon and evening hours when we have rain around, few storms, maybe few severe thunderstorms and then you see there's the hig
5:26 pm
common in early october. it's also breezy on saturday with heavy rain during the morning hours changing over the showers at time. rain in the forecast there, as well. and then as we take a look at the next ten days on sunday it's breezy, high of 80s, maybe a few lingering showers especially during the morning hours. by the afternoon, we're ultimately dry. some of the weekend still salvageable, dry stretch of weather, friday and saturday, storm team 4 weather alert day. >> thanks. thrill ride tragedy and the ohio state fair, several people thrown violently to the ground. the latest on the investigation and just what went wrong. a woman stabbed while walking along a popular trail. the search tonight for the subject as questions were raised about what led to the incident.
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s. a search is underway for a stabbing attack. this happened south of the vienna fairfax metro station. shomari this is not the first attack on a
5:30 pm
we're seeing at least three attacks in the dc area over the last few days. i will tell you that i am standing in the area where this woman was attacked this morning as a point of reference. if photographer pulls out, there's a trail of blood here. we're not taking tight shots of it, but we're showing you an example of the terror that this woman experienced right now fairfax county police was attacked out here. they tell me they're concerned. as you stated, people are asking, where did this happen? well, we are near the intersection near the vienna fairfax metro station. hundreds of people use it every day. i talked to a woman moments ago, you know, what's really scarey is that police are saying that this was random, unprovoked that the woman did not know her attacker. the woman told fairfax county police that the woman -- excuse me, the man walked up behind her d
5:31 pm
then ran away. we're now hear from a man who uses this popular trail. >> usually quiet, you know, older couples walking dogs. i've never seen anything strange. it's crazy that somebody could do something like that. it's really strange. >> very sad this woman experienced this, however, the good news is that she has expected to recovery, sure that she has some emotional issues shaken up after experiencing something like this. police urge anyone with information, if you know who is responsible, they want to hear from you, live in fairfax, shomari stone. >> live here at the live desk following breaking news, officers were investigating a house fire and found a stabbing victim. here is some live pictures from chopper 4. it's over the scene of east long view drive
5:32 pm
patomic mall. prince william police tell us they had to rush a man or woman and adult to the hospital in critical injuries, two children were involved in this incident and they weren't hurt and they do have the hospital in custody. several officers were going through the house trying to see anyone else was involved or effected. they had to be transported to the house for smoke inhalation. firefighters were able to put the fire out. we'll bring you more details on this breaking story, just as soon as we get it. at the live desk. >> thank you, chris. another crime on the local trail, some people out there stumbled upon a murder scene, now police in prince georges county are trying to figure out who killed a man and why. news 4 megan fitzgerald is talking to neighbors and police. >> for the last several hours crime scene investigators in prince georges county as well as homicide
5:33 pm
out here trying to figure out what happened. -- >> investigators from the prince georges county police department and capitol police collected evidence to try to figure out who killed this man and why. >> there's no doubt about it, many neighbors are worried. that they're just hoping police can quickly make an arrest. >> i
5:34 pm
the family and cost. >> investigators don't believe this murder was gang related but they're still zersearching for suspect. they're asking anyone with information about this crime to contact the police department right away. megan fitzgerald, news 4. a teenager was killed and three others badly hurt after a ride unexpectedly flew apart in midair hurling riders to the ground. a minute later, a seat fell off and then hit the glound. >> what we're showing you is company video of the fireball. today ohio governor john kasich took a tour of the park. he said this tragedy will not define the state fair.
5:35 pm
safety of the park's rides. >> what you need to make sure is you check, recheck, you do the best you can. but the ability for human beings to. >> state investigators say they'll do an autopsy on the machine to figure out why it fell apart, meanwhile, the marines are confirming that the 18-year-old victim, tyler gerald, had enlasted in the service less than a week ago -- enlisted into the service less than a week ago. you can weigh in on our flash survey this afternoon, a little more than half of you saying, yes, you can see that in our nbc washington facebook page and continue to vote on
5:36 pm
doctors operated on the baby's tiny beating heart while he was still inyurt row. explains why the boy's parents decided the surgery was worth the risk. >> they were warned, worse case scenario, he may only live for a few precious minutes. but here he is defying the odds. and that's why there are hugs at this reunion. these doctors and parents took a leap of faith to save sebastian. >> tried to get ahold of you at the same time to say thank you. >> it started with a routine 20 week u ultrasound that found a problem. he had a rare heart defect called tga his major arteries pulmonary artery and aorta were switched. the plumbing of his heart, essentially, reversed. >> it felt lik
5:37 pm
crashing around me and that i couldn't believe that this is happening to my baby. >> and there was another serious complication. the walls of sebastian's heart were closed shut, which would prevent blood from circulating because of lack of oxygen at birth, chance of survival and successful surgery was minimal. >> this baby was potentially extremely ill and i think it was lots of discussion before birth as to deal with this. >> so doctors from two different hospitals got together and figured out a solution. >> on the heart. i said what was the driver. >> it did work and when it was over, the 30 medical staff involved
5:38 pm
safe delivery happened five days later and days after that open heart surgery to fix his major arteries. >> everything went more smoothly than we would have anticipated. >> as for sebastian, he's not expected to have any more surgeries but he will be checked to make sure he's reaching his developmental milestones. his parents are proud. he's potentially helping other babies. >> it's amazing that he's able to open that door for other bays and save their lives, too. >> doctors told the couple sebastian surgical scar will eventually fade. it will be barely visible when he's grown up. >> it's incredible story. all right, it is a popular destination in alexandria, but could top golf be moving. how prince georges is trying to woo the company away. former first lady michelle obama, opening up, still ahead, what she's saying about
5:39 pm
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a. record setting day for those who were there, what a treat. if you weren't at the stadium news 4, sherry burr duss has yo covered. this all happened in the bottom of the third inning with the
5:42 pm
brian good win blasts a two-run home run to right field, pretty cool, you say and so is this next batter, more of the same, back to back, home runs. there is still more, price harper. he hits his second home run of the game. so the nats now at three in a row, hey, why not make it four straight. ryan zimmerman hits it out of the yard, too, keeping track at home, that was back to back to back home runs. the nats tied the mlb record for most consecutive home runs in an inning. there are several more records that came out of this game. we'll tell you and hear from the team on their big day coming up on news 4 at
5:43 pm
it's not a done deal yet, top golf is also planning new locations in loudon county and german town. >> while more than a dozen beaches along new jersey shore have been shutdown. >> and building bonds, the unique program that's bringing together police officers from prince georges
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
she's broken so many glass ceilings, including the first black woman to become our first lady. now
5:46 pm
about some of the emotional scars left by her time at the white house. mrs. obama spoke last night at the women's foundation of colorado. according to denver post, she said the chards that cut her were the deepest, the ones intended to cut. she referenced being called a ape and people seeing her only by her skin color while disregarding her eight years of working hard in this country. mrs. obama also said, women endure tiny cuts every day and still get up. >> hard to hear from her. >> community policing is a buzz word in the u.s., especially in communities where the police force is trying to rebuild relationships with the public. soon that phrase may be spoken in a rock, too. tracy wilkins explain what officers from iraq are learning from the men and women who protect
5:47 pm
>> trying out some of the tools. today colonels and generals with iraqi ministry learning municipalities like the city of laurel function. >> they're here to understand the decentralization that we have in our government system. >> they wanted to know about the mayor of council and the employees that, after they leave, do they get paid, do they not get paid. >> in fact, money, where we get it from and how it works was a major part of the conversation. >> people think a lot of law enforcement make a large amounts of money, as well -- we don't. >> it's down. >> as iraq continues to stabilize the government and new democracy after years of more, it means example on every level, laurel has helped many
5:48 pm
democracies understand these concepts. >> whether it's policing that we've had here. >> get them back in their country. >> this delegation will be spending the rest of the day here in maryland. it was the only municipality that they visited. this is not the first time they have hosted a international delegation. it's the fifth time in the last few years. tracee wilkins, news 4. >> nonprofit that helps homeless wilkins to open its group home in alexandria. we first told you about it, the final salute, back in may and the construction issues with the home, it's being renovated, when finished it will be home
5:49 pm
women veterans and their children. work has been progressing, but road blocks are adding to the cause. so the group is holding its first parks and vets picnic this weekend. >> there will be food served, there will be bouncy houses, face painting, corn hole, basketball game. it's a really family oriented event. it's for you to come and have fun. it gave me the area veterans and their children. >> the events sunday from noon to 5:00. for ticket information just search final salute in our nbc washington app. >> as we remember jim vance, one of the things that we hear so much from people is just how vance always kept it real and how open and how honest he was about his own life. it was that honesty back in 1977 that earned vance the respect and admiration of generations of firefighters as news
5:50 pm
fire houses across the district. >> he hangs on the wall here alongside pictures of heroes and dramatic rescues. it's the text of a commentary, jim vance gave on air august 8, 1977. it came after vance had written his dc firefighters responding to a house fire in his neighborhood. in typical vance style, he admitted that up until that night, he had taken firefighters for granted. but after seeing them tirelessly respond with what he described as orchestrated synchronization, he said was more impressive than a military drill. he came away with a new respect for these first responders, saying he was ashamed that i had taken those guys for granted. they are the real super stars. joe chrissism has been a dc firefighter for 27 years. he said that framed copy of vance's commentary has been hanging there long before his first day on
5:51 pm
vance, i got here in '91 and senior firefighters told me that agreed to understand what we do and how the news media portrays us, which right there shows that we are caring and we love our job. >> captain will retire next month. he said he got to meet vance once at another firefighter's retirement problem. >> very impressive. i felt like i had lots of dreams as well. >> variations hanging other fire houses across the city, which i sayism and brinkly say when new recruits arrive, they're told to read what vance had to say back in 1977. in the district, mark seagraves, news 4. as we continue to honor jim's legacy, we hope that you'll join us for a special broadcast hosted by doreen
5:52 pm
vance airs tomorrow at 7:30 here on nbc 4. as vance would have said, we invite you to join us. >> 1977, 40 years later. amelia with a check on our weather, we've got some rain en route and boy it's going to be a while before it gets out of here. >> it's going to be rainy tomorrow and heaviest most rain falling. on into saturday morning. even tonight a few isolated showers across the area, take a look at what i'm tracking right now. this one loan thunderstorm kind of hopping a ride on 66 and making its way towards the district. i think altogether it just pass toward the bottom of the beltway on into prince georges kountsco. only at about 15 miles towards the east southeast. here are impact times middleburg right around 6:30. the dover area about 6:40.
5:53 pm
with the storm, so stay tuned and will be putting that information on facebook and twitter. keeping a close eye on this system and it's part of the system and also we're going to see some development within it that's going to bring us rain tomorrow on into saturday and hopefully not lingering on into sunday, as well. i want to show you future weather to give you idea on timing this 8:00 a.m. cloudy and mainly dry tomorrow morning as we move towards the lunchtime hour, showers move in, and during the afternoon hours we're tracking areas of rain. by tomorrow night widespread rain. notice the pockets of really bright colors, we rarely see here on future weather. these are torrential downpours, we'll be tracking areas of impressive rain fall friday night on into saturday morning. if you have travel plans, you might want to adjust them friday around lunchtime or saturday around lunchtime. you want to avoid the evening hours on friday into the morning hours on saturday. even notice here at noon on
5:54 pm
unfortunately, some showers across the area saturday evening, as well. take a look at your rain outlook, tonight on into tomorrow morning, some isolated showers and tonight some isolated thunderstorms as well. tonight just because of how muggy it is and any storms that develop. as you move towards the midday, notice we start to see the rain becoming more scattered and then by tomorrow evening on into saturday morning, it becomes more widespread. so this weekend, you have an excuse to put it off. saturday barbecue start thinking about a plan b. indoor plan b is going to be good idea. you want the rain gear. you also want a beach sweatshirt. it's going to be chilly at the beach. when you get the car wash, at least we're looking at a dry stretch of water. you can see that right here. so saturday, 72, breezy. with rain at times. maybe some showers on sunday. still breezy with a high around 80, erica. >> thank you,
5:55 pm
for the new jersey beaches. >> it sure has. they were closed by the state's governor. now more than a dozen are closed because of poor water quality. new at 6:00, you'll see the stories on the news, but what happens after the arrest, the i-team is looking for answers behind some recent security breaches in dc and why i
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
families beach vacation. >> if you are headed to the jersey shore, beware, that's right. more than a dozen beaches are closed because the water could make you sick. >> reporter: what's in the water, that's what a lot of beach goers are asking after high levels of bacteria forced new jersey to shutdown 15 beaches and put four more on advisory. it's especially troubling to parents like jim, her kids have been swimming in the water all day. >> their son has an immune disorder, too, that's a little bit concerning. >> reporter: state testing found high levels of a bacteria. it likely got into ocean water when recent rain over flowed drainage system. it's found in human and animal waste. >> it's pretty disgusting to hear that, yeah. >> reporter: the concern is people swimming in the water could get sick. the
5:59 pm
several different illnesses. >> it's positive agent of things like urinary track infection, it will cause meningitis. it can result in skin infections. >> beach goers we spoke with said we had no idea about the public health warning. >> i honestly did not. but i'm surprised at it. >> gunfire in alexandria as three people are wounded in a shooting this afternoon. we've been following the story for several hours as police try to zero in on a gunman. neighbors can't believe it happened again. >> this is a few blocks away from the ballpark. members of congress during practice last month. news 4 is in dell ray and this evening with the latest on the investigation. darcy. >> reporter: well leon, just within the last 45 minutes, alexandria police were able to reopen the street i
6:00 pm
this is east how well avenue where this happen. i was able to go down and talk to some residents. we begin our story tonight with a man who is basically stuck in his house today because of this investigation. >> we've lived there for 28 years this coming tuesday. this just doesn't happen. >> michael was home when he heard shots fired right on his street. >> i was sitting in my dining room, working on my laptop and heard the shots and knew right what they were and then i heard the crash of a car -- when it hit that tahoe right there. >> i rolled down my window and said what's going on. i said a shooting, i just said, again. >> >> reporter: that's what many were thinking when they heard about today's shooting. just last month this neighborhood was in the international spotlight when gunman opened fire at gop baseball practice. gunshots rang out once again, just blocks away from the baseball field.